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Keep it simple…. sexy!



I’ve shot international super models such as Jeri Lee (right).
That’s my motto and that’s how I teach. After reading tons of guides, I’ve noticed one major problem. Most instructors try to make glamour training WAY more complicated than they need to be. Scientific formulas? The physics of light?

Instead, why don’t I immerse you into the WORLD of glamour photography, and teach you from head to toe how I achieved my lighting. How did I direct the models? How did I come up with a concept. Instead of learning about “theories” you’re going to see how a professional actually works and creates beautiful photos.

In fact, I didn’t really learn the “science” behind light until WAY later. After you shoot hundreds of thousands of photos, the science will come. You first have to get a handle of what you’re after before trying to master all the nuances that’ll rain down later.

So what does help you capture good photos? Examples. INSPIRATION. And tons of them. In this e-book I go through some of my favorite shoots to explain HOW I got the photos I got, and WHY I shot them a certain way. in this glamour training guide, You’ll understand what I was thinking and how I sorted through all the incredibly precise details.

You’ll understand why I opted for three light setup instead of two, or two instead three, or why I decided to stick with natural light. You’ll learn why I decided to have the model wear this piece of clothing, or have my makeup artist do this to her face. You’ll learn why I made the creative choices I did, and you’ll get the breakdown of my reasoning.

I wrote this ebook hoping that anyone could be pick it up, read it, and learn enough to feel confident about going forward with their glamour photography. Basically, I wrote it as if I were sending this back to me when I first started out. Because I know exactly which questions and issues I faced back then, and I know they’re probably the same ones you’re facing.

All photographers learn in similar ways. We’re drawn to visuals, to other photographs, to inspiration. So if this information helps me day-to-day, at every shoot, at every pre-production meeting, then I know you’ll find it helpful immediately.

Glamour Photography Training – Learn more: Lighting


For the lighting section of the glamour training book, I really boiled it down to only the information that I constantly use on a day-to-day basis. Everything I teach is something that I am always using in my photography.

So that means I won’t bore you with the dumb lighting theory stuff that most guides teach. You’ll learn those in due time. Right now you just need to set up your lights, shoot away, and be confident when you start snapping. I won’t share complex 5-light setups that none of you can afford to pull off (and if you can, you shouldn’t even be reading this book).

My range of lighting setups goes from natural light to 3-light setups, and I will show you different shoots that utilize different types of lighting. My goal with each shoot is to add a little technique or a little style to your arsenal of skills so you can go out there today and try something different.

Glamour Photography Training – Learn More: Posing


When you look at a picture of a beautiful woman, you want to feel emotions. Strong, powerful emotions.

And that’s my goal when I snap every shutter. I want the model to look SEXY in every shot. I want every pose to evoke a carnal response that will make your heart race and your mind fantasize.

And you will learn all my techniques to getting phenomenal poses, angles, and curves from a beautiful woman.

I start off this section by teaching my general posing workflow. What do I do when the model comes in and how do I make her comfortable enough to trust me? Then I go into specifics – like how I pose hands and legs and how I get the right expressions from her eyes. How do I get the right smile? Everything I teach in this section are techniques that I use every single day.

Glamour Photography Training – GETTING CREATIVE

Glamour Photography Training


Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to get to a higher level.

When you’re a photographer, it’s incredibly important to be constantly innovating. It’s important to be constantly increasing your abilities and adding skills to your arsenal.

Over time, your style will change. I’ve gone through tons of photography “phases” before I realized what I like and what I dislike. You too will learn and learn, and this goes on forever.

In this section you’ll learn “how to learn” — meaning you’ll get my techniques for widening your horizons in the photography field. How do you come up with new concepts? How do you come up with new, more dynamic lighting?

I only hope to get you started on your journey. It’s up to you to take the first step towards greatness.

Glamour Photography Training – Learn More: Book Summary


If you couldn’t be bothered to read the whole page (I know it’s freakin’ long), then here’s a quick breakdown of what you’re about to learn in glamour training:

  • How to get poses that take your breath away
  • Easy to understand, dynamic, & dramatic lighting setups
  • How to get the inspiration necessary to take better photos
  • A breakdown of several shoots – concepts, makeup, lighting, and more
  • For beginners: How to get your foot in the door in glamour photography
  • The same glamour techniques featured on numerous magazine covers



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