Roadmap Planner Discount 95% Off Coupon Codes

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Roadmap Planner Features:

  • Collaboration in real time: Continue working on the roadmap, collaborating with your team in real time, no matter where you find yourself. Work collaboratively to more accurately display the strategy and improve success.
  • Presentation mode: Roadmap Planner is the best tool to showcase your vision to customers, team, or stakeholders. Customize your roadmap based on the audience, and present the live data in an appealing way.
  • Backlog management: Manage your ideas with Backlog. It works like a draft that allows you to view all new features and user stories at once, prioritize them, and promote the ones that respond your course to real tasks.
  • Easy to create and edit: Our intuitive app gives you the ability to instantly create a roadmap, indicating all the processes required for a specific project. Have some updates? Easily edit your document even while on the go.
  • Milestones: Lead your team to the next level with milestones. Marking important dates in your roadmap allows you to focus on the main phases of your project. This will help you to meet schedule and reach goals.
  • Clear sense of the plan: Roadmap Planner offers you a structured and hierarchical visualization of your document with Gantt chart and Outlines. These tools help you to gain a more refined control and focus on the key points.

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