How To Get The Cashback

We do affiliate marketing and get commission from that. So, if you purchase a products through our affiliate links, we will get some commission from merchants. To help visitors save money on the products that do not have available coupon codes, we offer you some special cashback that you may be interested when you purchasing products through our affiliate links without any additional fee you pay for. To make it easier, we tell you “how to get the cashback” below.

How to get the cashback

For the products that don’t have available coupon codes and you see we say “cashback from”. This means that you can get cashback from us if you purchase that products. To get the cashback, you just need to do following some easy steps below:

  • Firstly, remove all cookies on your web browser to make sure that you are referred by us
  • Secondly, visit our coupon store page where you see we offer the cashback and click to our affiliate link at the bottom of store description (see the at the photo below) to visit the merchant website. Make sure not to visit any other websites while following these steps

How to get the cashback

  • Thirdly, now you are at the website where you will purchase products. Shopping online normally
  • Fourthly, after finishing your shopping process. Please send us the details of your purchase such as order number, date and time you purchased and the screenshot of your purchase if you can, etc. The more details you give us, the more help for us to verify your purchases. So, please give us as much detailed as you can.

How many cashback percent will you get?

The cashback percent will be clearly noted at our coupon store page. It will depends on the products you are going to purchase. The percent may be different from products even though they are from the same provider. Please read it carefully before deciding to make purchase. The cashback percent will depends on the total payment you make at merchant’s website. For example, if you purchase the product name AABBCC and the price for that is $100. You use a 30% off coupon for that and now you only have to pay $70. If we offer a cashback of 10%, the cashback you receive will be 10% of $70.

When can you expect your cashback?

Normally, we have to wait for approval your sale from merchants and make sure that you will not refund that products. It’s usually about a month. If you don’t refund your purchase and we receive commission from merchants, you will receive your rebate via PayPal (the next month after you made the purchase). So if you buy products on the 5th of August you can expect your cashback around the 5th of September.

Do you have to pay any extra money for purchases?

Totally NO, you don’t have to pay any extra money for that. You will purchase products with the same price as they are and get product’s quality as normal from providers. Don’t have to pay any extra things. Don’t get lower product’s quality. Because the cashback will be paid by us from the commission we get for your purchasing.

Who pays the cashback and how will it get paid?

Your cashback will be paid by us ( in USD to your PayPal account and NOT by the product’s providers. If you have any question about your cashback please contact us. DO NOT contact the product’s providers as the cashback will be paid by after the affiliate commission is assigned to us.

If there is anything that you do not clearly understand, feel free to contact us or email us at

This article was last modified on July 22nd, 2016 and may be changed without notices. Please read it carefully whenever you purchase any product and want to get cashback from us. Thank you very much!