StayblCam Review – The StayblCam 1X Gimbal Stabilizer Review

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StayblCam Review – The StayblCam 1X Gimbal Stabilizer Review. If you record videos on a regular basis, then you have probably been unsatisfied with shaky videos.

StayblCam Review

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Not so long ago, you had to spend an unreasonable amount of money just to make sure we have the equipment that can help us beat the shake.

Luckily for us, that has changed for the better.

Nowadays, with great smartphones at our disposal and inventive accessories like smartphone camera stabilizers, you are able to shoot quality videos at high resolution straight out of the box.

With lighting, fast processors, the latest lens glasses and megapixel technology, you would be amazed by the quality of smartphone videos that can be achieved.

Here comes the catch. While you may have the ability to shoot crystal clear videos, there is always a drawback when trying to shoot perfect videos that tick all the boxes. That’s because you may be lacking one crucial factor that can transform your videos, stabilization.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to watch and enjoy a shaky smartphone video. As long as you are recording your video using your hands, just the slightest movement will cause your video to shake and eventually, that ruins it.

Although some smartphones are built with stabilization software, it really doesn’t give the same satisfying results as you would get with stabilization equipment.

A selfie stick, on the other hand, can do so little to improve stabilization even though it has commonly being utilized as an alternative to handheld recording.

That leaves us with only one solution that can is able to change the quality of your videos for good, a smartphone video stabilizer. At this point, it is not about your camera anymore, but more to do with the stabilizer you use and the environment you shoot in.

What Is a Gimbal?

The work of a smartphone and camera stabilizer is to eliminate camera shaking so your videos end up being smooth, fluid and professional looking.
A gimbal allows you to shoot all types of action packed videos ranging from running, biking, jumping, skiing, surfing and much more.

How It Works?

The gimbal is designed to make use of 3-axis brushless motors and cutting edge software that counter balances all the movements of the user to give you a clean and fluid video that appears to be flying or just floating in midair compared to the bouncy, shaky footage of handheld recording.

A pan axis keeps the gimbal steady during fast or sudden movements hence ensuring it does not distort the video in any way.

The tilt axis motor on the other hand prevents video distortion by tilting mostly from nodding your head up and down.

And lastly, the roll axis prevents your video from shakes caused by bouncing up and down mostly when you are recording on the run.

The axis motors are placed on a control board that manages the constant changes in weight and counterbalancing and in turn enables you to have that smooth fluid motion that we try to achieve.
Most stabilizers in the market are designed with user adaptability in mind. That means you don’t have to be a professional video operator or camera pro to use a smartphone gimbal.

It’s really quite simple!

Every stabilizer is designed with a clamp that holds smartphones in place and as soon as you snap it on to the stabilizer, you are ready to go.

The next step is turning the stabilizer on and the motors do all the work for you.

StayblCam Review: Introducing the StayblCam 1X Gimbal

There are many different options when it comes to the best smartphone stabilizer. Thankfully, this article helps you save valuable time and money by sharing a comprehensive look on a gimbal stabilizer that changes how you shoot videos forever.

The StayblCam 1X Gimbal Stabilizer Review

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The StayblCam 1X Gimbal stabilizer solves that problem with relative ease.

It mounts anywhere you want it (as long it has a standard GoPro action mount) so this means you can attach the 1X to helmet mounts, extension poles, bicycle and motorcycle mounts, and car suction cup mounts and much more.

Amazing right?

The StayblCam is a revolutionary, 6 ½ ounces in weight and only 2 ¾ inches long piece of video recording technology that is not only portable but provides the much needed stabilization support for the best smartphone and GoPro action cameras in the market and with impressive results.

It also adds a bit of cinematic touch to an otherwise ordinary video.

This means whatever direction you’re driving, cycling or running into while recording, your shot’s always going to turn out smooth.

The StayblCam 1X Gimbal stabilizer is a welcome addition to all smartphone owners keen to shoot cinema-quality videos at great prices.

How long will does the stabilizer battery last?

When fully charged, the gimbal can shoot up to 3 hours of continuous action packed recording which is very convenient for shoots away from home.

If you are ready to start shooting professional looking videos
with your iPhone or smartphone, then the best way to do that is to go and get yourself a stabilizer!

You can get the StayblCam 1X Gimbal at an affordable price of $149.95from

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